segunda-feira, 2 de setembro de 2013


(Quebrando brevemente o decoro de só postar em português)

Did you ever dream of monsters?
Picture them now:

Do they bite? do they have claws? Teeth?
Do they howl to the moon? Like a dire hound?
Do they roar? Do they screech?
Do they make a sound?
Do they crave for blood? do they hunt for flesh?
Can they smell your fear?
Do they come from the woods? From the deep dark sea?
Do they come from beneath? Are they from some hell?
Is hell near?
Do they slither? Run? Pounce? Reap?
Do they do it for fun? Do they make you weep?
Tentacles? Scales? Wings?
Feather or leather or uneartlhy things?
Do they pass through walls? Do they tear down doors? Do they wait outside?
Do they chase you until you can't run or hide?
Do they sprout from nightmares? Do they creep from the floorboards?
Do they live in the woods? Do they come out of cupboards?
Is there blood when they come? Or the sound of drums?
Thunder and lightning? Flickering lights?
Dogs barking?
Are they huge? Tiny and many? Gigantic?
Do they spirit children away?
Do they haunt old houses?
Do they burn men down in their beds?
Do they eat them whole?
Do they leave a trace?
Do they look like beasts? Do they look like demons?
Do they look like dragon and scylla and kraken? Unnamable things?

Can you even understand?
Can you see them? Can you hear them?
Can you hear them now?
Can you feel them now?
Do you feel them now? In the shoreless sea?
Do they look like me?
Do they look like you?

Did you ever dream of monsters?

Did you ever sleep?