terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2014

[dreamscape #1]

When the monsters came
with razor claws and dagger teeth,
like he imagined them,
covered in leather, and vile thorns
and scales and fur and lined with horns
of opal and ebony, and their eyes on fire
like wild rubies and wild amethyst
and black jet, like the sky at night,
like in his dreams,
he ran and fell and ran again,
into the city, into the concrete,
towards the nowhere, towards the hills,
and the sheets couldn't protect him,
and the light couldn't protect him,
nor the moon, nor the sea,
and their wild eyes followed,
and the starless sky followed,
and the bible black followed;
and when he saw the fall -

he threw himself off the cliffs
like he imagined them,
and flew away in wings of nothing,
because he could,
like in his dreams.